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Great timing with this Carter. I was just driving home yesterday, wondering to myself what actually is "stock class". Now that I know, I know I would never play true stock class again. However, under the new rules, the project I am working on right now will fit right in there. Now, stock class (under the new rules) could become something I could participate in. The real reason behind this is I play a lot of random games with all different types of people and the old stock class rules are just too restrictive to me to be competitive against electros.
One small suggestion; even though it doesn't effect me is if direct feed is allowed I would think it would be fair to allow spring feed of maybe 15 rounds or less.
This is just a thought I have to include a number of markers that would border the class except for this rule and it doesn't seem to be such an advantage according to the new rules.
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Because brass.
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I'm like a paintball sex tourist. Top dollar for a good time.
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