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All right, to start this off, i must say i deserve a minus one...

Why you ask? Well, i recently posted a Murder inc bko up for sale...
I realy liked this marker, but i never was able to get it to work, so i decided
to put it up for sale. Another member and me began to converse about the sale of this marker, he wanted it, and everything was pretty much set in stone. Before getting it packed and ready to be shipped, i went through it and checked all of the internals and parts to make sure they were all fine. I found out that a line was jammed with lube, so i removed it and placed a new internal line there. Put it back together and aired it up, and it works!!! I have had this marker for roughly a year and a half and have had to replace pretty much every internal piece in order to get this marker to work. Ive had to replace the Hpr, lpr, ram, hoses, valve, orings, ive had to ship it up to virgiania to get it checked out, and have spent around $180.00 to get it to work... Upon getting it to work, i contacted the member and told him to cancel paypal payment because of my over joyous moment in getting this marker to work. I am giving myself bad feedback because of this, i apoligize to the other member, and respect his anger towards me, but this is a relief to have this marker working. That is all.
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