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Originally Posted by DozerLVL View Post
All right, I need some professional help here.
Should there be an O-ring here? Yes. See this diagram for other o-ring locations: 99 Rainmaker Exploded Parts View
Why is my board so small. . . and why are there only 3 wires going to the micro switch when there are three leads? Speaking of wires, why are some cut off? You mean 2 wires going to the switch? I believe you only need 2. As for the cut off wires, you should only need 2 for the battery, 2 for the trig switch, and 2 for the MAC valve. The other 2 could possibly be eye wires or for an on/off switch. Factory Rainmakers never had eyes and RMs after '98 never had an on/off switch (if I'm wrong, someone correct me on this). That looks like an aftermarket board. If you're interested, look at the link I previously posted and click "Wiring Harness" in the left-hand column near the top. That demonstrates the wiring for a factory board.

Hey look, I have two bolts! why are the O-rings different? Possibly replaced by a previous owner? Not sure on the correct size.

Speaking of doubles who are not the same, check out my trigger frames.
Maybe the pins are for the mictroswitch? A factory trig switch would just sit in the casting (large, round clunker of a switch). Also, look at the top frame in the top pic. There's a hole about halfway down the front of the frame, kinda below where the safety goes. Can't remember with generation RM it was (I believe '99, not sure though), but BE put a select-fire board in it that was adjusted via a dip switch. Pop the grip panel off and you could access it through that hole and adjust for semi, 3rd burst, and full-auto.
See the red text.
Originally Posted by DozerLVL View Post
There seems to be a lot of modding that has gone on here.
Looks like someone drilled out the block for better airflow. Look in the link I gave you and click on "Gutting the stock regulator" on the left. You'll see how the block is drilled out. Also take the round piece off the back and see if the volumizer mod was done. You'll know it was if the round piece was drilled out as well.

I guess what I'm looking for is someone to hold my hand on this, at least until I get this thing put all the way together. Did I mention I'm missing screws? .
Again, look at this link: Rainmaker Owners Group
Go over pretty much everything in the column on the left. It tells you everything from wiring schematics to exploded views to modifications.

Also try posting in the Ask the Experts forum on here with your pic of the board. Perhaps someone knows what it is.

Feedback: MCB, PbNation (older) (newer)

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