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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
Your reffing on the field was great.

You are safety conscious which is EXACTLY how you should be.

With rentals I would not let them take their masks off.

With us when all barrel socks are on I typically let everyone pull their masks.

Changing up the teams constantly was annoying, but fair to everyone. You were right to do so. I just wanted to play with my best friend Derek, cause I sure don't want to be playing against him.

I think the games were close all day, even if we won 9/10 or so - they wound up pretty close. Seeing as how Derek was only eliminated once all day, and me twice it was a safe bet we would be winning a lot. Keeping the teams fair is super important, and I think you did a good job.

Great day.

Good job reffing. Hope you like the pants.

Next week I think Duncan should be on the same team as Derek and I... I think he would appreciate that, or at least his head/goggles will...
Thanks, I really appreciate the critique. I love those pants, I got a few bounces while reffing. I just need to play with them now. I kept changing up the teams because people were constantly coming and going so I tried to keep them fair. Since I haven't played nearly as long as you guys have (2 years and 3 weeks of reffing) I still need your guys guidance, so if you see me doing something wrong (both reffing or playing) it would be great if you could show me how to fix it.
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