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Thanks goes out to lego maniac for revealing this... but I wanted to start another thread since his post was buried in an exhaust thread.

So... when you receive a package from the States... UPS charges you applicable duty and taxes plus the dreaded brokerage fees. The brokerage fees are UPS' charges for physically clearing your package through customs.

So... if you don't want to pay brokerage fees... don't let UPS clear the package thru customs for you. Do it yourself! This can be done in two ways... either tell the person who's shipping the package to inform UPS that you will be clearing the item thru customs yourself... or get the tracking number and call UPS to let them know you would like to clear the item yourself and to let you know when the item arrives.

So for example for somebody in Toronto you'd have to goto Pearson Airport. Once there you get the paper work for the item and have to make the payment for duties/taxes. The UPS lady told me the customs clearance center is in the same facilities... so it's not like you're going to have to drive around town to do this.

Then just show the appropriate person that you paid the taxes (cleared customs) and the package is yours... minus the brokerage fees!
Sooooo....Aperantly you can just call UPS and tell them you want to self declare any package coming in from the US, you just need to ask what customs crossing they are going to use (not that many in Canada). They or CBSA will call you/send and email...saying you have a package at customs. You then call down and self declare that you are going to recieve the package, what it is, how much it cost...CBSA will then tell you what the applicable duties are (presumably payable via credit card over the phone...? don't quote me on that). then it is given back to UPS/ be delivered to you! NO BROKERAGE FEE!!! HOORAY!!
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