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Nice in depth review, TF!

Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
I agree, that's a bummer with the plastic sled... Ughh
Don't like 90% of halfblocks out there right now have plastic sleds despite there being alternatives? They rarely wear out and don't wear the anodizing on the body too badly like you see on aluminum Racegun halfblocks.

4) Make the guide rod from Stainless Steel if there is galling over time.
I've used an original WWA deluxe kit for about 7 years. It had a fully aluminum pump, as well as the main guide rod. (Secondary was Ti, IIRC) I barely ever cleaned the damn thing and it was caked with crap and dirt from back when Nelson was selling waxy oily crud for paint. I never had issues with galling, and it was as smooth as ever when I finally sold it. I much preferred it to a delrin-handled gen2 kit that I bought later on.

As for the loudness, I'm surprised - all the videos I've seen of this gun have seemed fine. I won't argue with the low chrono readings you had, but "weird sounding" is to be expected when you crank the pressure and IVG to the max. I also have reservations about using Dow-33 on a hammer...

Regarding the reg...I kind of think it's brilliant that they capped the pressure. I thought the gauge was going to be their defense against dumb people cranking up the pressure 300psi past the sweetspot and "breaking" the guns. Capping it off completely is a stroke of genius.

Good to hear that the trigger is nice, because somebody beat that thing with an ugly stick. It looks like someone took a piece of plate steel to a bench grinder, then added random speed holes with their drill press. It's the only cosmetic issue I have with the gun.

I know I'm being a shallow pump snob, but come on...really? It throws off the beautiful lines on the gun.

Here, I made you a nicer one:

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.

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