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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Just stick with the Palmers. My friend has one on his Kaos D and it gets VERY cold with Co2 in a matter of shots. I loaned out my HPA tank to him the first weekend he got the gun because his Co2 bottle wouldn't work well. If you are using air, it's a great reg, it just doesn't like Co2.
If a regulator gets cold when it's running CO2, then that means it's doing it's job...

The bit about it blowing o-rings is a bit disturbing though.

Originally Posted by russc View Post
There's a big difference between "co2 tolerant" and a reg with an overpressure relief like the PPS Stabilizer. Any reg can work with co2, but if they can't vent overpressure, you'll blow seals.

It's like "fog resistant" lenses versus thermal lenses.

Goatboy, just curious - what about the PPS regs are you sick of?
Slow recharge on both of them.

I'm not particularly motivated to open them up myself; I think I have older models which are not as friendly to get open as the newer ones. The red Loctite on the inline one was kind of a hint.

I could send them in to Palmers to get serviced, but the last time I did that, it cost me $34, not including the price of shipping it to them. Nearly the cost of a new regulator from someone else. Not sure they fixed it, either. This and other service related stuff is my strongest motivation to find alternatives.

On the male stab, I can't rotate the fitting location. I guess I could use the Ninja tank shims to rotate the reg, but that doesn't fix the fact that the fitting port is also uncomfortably high.

Also kind of heavy for what they do. I'm betting the Azodin would easily be lighter.

Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
How about those regs that came on the Vibe/SP-1? Weren't they supposed to be good on CO2? Or maybe it was just "CO2 tolerant"...
Funny you should mention that. I have a Vibe just for messing around with, and that reg worked fine for CO2. Main problem is it didn't have the right output pressure (only about 200PSI). I need something that outputs in the 400+PSI range (automag).

Incidentally, I can't recall the pressure relief mechanism ever venting on any regulator (5 different ones) that I've ever used with CO2.
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