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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
They do ride on the rough side but you have to expect things to break when you treat them like crap. I was in the motorpool with my 1116 every night after being out all day doing missions. It's called preventive maintenance. That truck never let me down even with the tonnage of add on armor we added and red lining the damn thing all over Baghdad.

Actually the only thing that ever let me down was the lazy *** mechanics. It didn't matter what you brought in a vehicle for. Those turds would consider a complete rebuild operator level then sit there stuffing their faces with their "to-go" plates and watch us wrench for 10 hrs right after coming back from a 3 day mission. If we were lucky we could get one off his fat *** long enough to pass us a wrench.

Good rant Deuce, I have heard that same story many times. It's like the combat units change and the same mechanics stay over there to eat!
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