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Originally Posted by ScrapIron View Post
In the middle of a game pull out a steno pad, scribble the request and have a ref run it over to the opposing player.

Opposing player unfolds the paper and reads
"Hi, I hope your game is going well
what terrific weather we're having eh!
You're probably wondering why the ref brought you this note
well, I just thought I'd try to open up the lines of communication a bit
after all these games can sometimes drag on for a while in a sort of stalemate
especially when players don't move around very much
so since you're in my mirror and I'm in your mirror I thought hey,
there's no reason why we shouldn't be friends, or at least civil towards each other.
I figured what better way to do that than to send you this note so I could
wish you a good day, and
see if you felt like surrendering.
So what do you say, feel like surrendering?
I think I want to try that next game... Print it out on some nice paper and send it to him in a letter and when he's reading through it proceed to walk up on him and stand behind him until he's done. Then ask for a surrender.

Could not manage to get the video to play...

I have only ever had a few people refuse to surrender that stayed on the field. I personally like getting surrenders more then shots to the point where I've considered carrying a paintbrush with lipstick on it like one of the scenario teams which I can't remember off the top of my head.

I did have 20-23 people all with their backs to me that surrendered at First Strike. This was also at night. Boy were they mad... Kept saying that I didn't have my arm-band up high enough... They did eventually walk off though.

I also had a game over in Titusville where I surrendered 13 at once.

My favorite though was sneaking up right behind someone and setting my marker down and picking up a stick. I then proceeded to barrel tag them with the stick. He did not appreciate that.
I also remember a group of three that were in a small bunker that I tried to surrender the dad turned to try and shoot though. I dropped down into the bunker next to me and snapped out and managed to hit one of them. Turned out it was a kid I didn't like having to do that.

Most of the people that I do try and surrender and they refuse I remember and know to just shoot them right in the small of their back. (Mostly the ones that have turned and shot me... 4 or 5 in the 12ish years I've played)

There are several problems with the surrender rule and I hate when an experienced player turns to try and shoot at me.
Most have not been successful the worst though is when I scare a little kid when I yell surrender.
Do you think you're dead player or freeze would work better?
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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
Skiddish is an Elliot Spitzer, if you will.
Most people don't know that skittish is the proper spelling for "jittery". Don't believe me... Look it up.

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