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Let me add a little more to this as well. Mom and Dad if you sew, that is an important thing too. Why go out and spend useless money on something you can make. With Scenario now being a big part of the sport. Normally I make my own stuff or Bribe my Mom (who lives with my Family and I) with BINGO cash to make me some items. Alot of companies are pushing their items at high prices. If you look at these items ie clothing, you will see they are very easy to make. I normally buy my Camo Fabric after the hunting season. Reason being it's cheaper and Bambi is safe once again lol. I usually use what's called a 1 hr pants set. Something like what medical people wear. It's all unisex,so it really doesn't matter. I look on ebay also. There are many companies that sell items for scenario play. I picked up my molle vest for way under what anyone would sell theirs. Then I just searched around till I found the items I needed to add for very little. I use a flight suit,which is not NOMEX,so that cut the price a whole lot! A name brand shirt is not needed. Usually players that wear these items are followers or wannabe. They are hoping to get picked up on a team. In reality they are just looking for acceptance.
Another issue that seems to bother me is the brain washing that goes on about markers. So if little missy or Jr say there gun isn't correct, it's a bunch of BULL POO. There is no such thing as a woodsball marker or a speed ball marker. Anyone who says there is is full of the same BULL POO. I've used many markers over the yrs in any play that is available. They all do the samething,shoot people out. Plain and simple fact. Realistic looking markers just represent the folks personality,but not neccessary in woods ball or Scenario type play.
As stated thru out this thread, a good Tippmann 98,A5 is a great marker to start off with. You will get your monies worth and great resale value.
Who your kids play with is another matter to consider as well. It's very easy for them to get caught in with the wrong type of paintball crowd too. You know,these are the ones who think they are better then everyone else. It's more attitude then anything. Many team players have these attitudes. Alot a marker and wear specific to play with them. Funny thing is,these dummys can barely put on the air tank lol.
Extra fun items are what I call grenades,booby traps, land mines etc. If you look on the net,there are many alternative methods to making items as such. You can actually make a landmine for about $6.00 in stead of paying $40.00. Paint is just finger paint and water for use in these Nade recipie. So if Dad is a crafty person who is mechanicaly in clined then your set. There is still so much more I can add and I'm not picking on anyone. There are many books and videos that can be had with information. The best first hand info,is playing. I don't care what anyone else says,there is not better learning curve then playing.
So let's keep adding guys and gals. This thread is a little over a yr old and still going strong.

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