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The Jcurt 90* Phantom Frame Pass Around - Sign up and Queue List!

Hey all,
Jcurt had two 90* frames that were not up to his standards. Instead of scrapping the two, he has decided to release them into the wild and let MCB members try them out.

What is it?
Jcurt's very own 90* phantom grip frame.

What do I get to try?
You get to try a raw 90* phantom grip frame. A total of seven parts.
-grip frame
-2x grip panels
-4x grip frame screws

How do I sign up?
Please sign up and follow the agreed terms. We all want this to go smoothly
90* Frame Pass Around Sign Up Link!

Fine Print, Terms, Disclaimer
How does this work? One person gets the frame in the mail, uses it, and then mails it off to the next person. Repeat.

Individual is responsible for contacting the next person in line for information and then shipping it to him/her. Please limit your testing period to two weeks.

We would like this to go as smoothly as possible for all. Please don't be the jerk that decides, "I'm going to pocket this and call it mine..." With that being said, please act in good faith. Don't be a dick.

Where do I buy one?
Interested in getting one? Here is the link to the various options you can choose for your 90* frame.

Queue List
Updated: 5/11/13
-senghing27 (OH)
-dundadun (CA)
-Dr. VonDeafingson (OH)
-pinkanese (VA)
-Supergyro (ND)
-kuhn101 (ND)
-bigballa (FL)
-Chaos (MA)
-LilShank (ID)
-PumpDrew (CA)
-spinout007 (FL)
-Hobbes (NH) (passed)
-Jebus (Calgary, Alberta)

-xixeyexix (NJ) (status unknown)
-Themole (CA)
-Ayoitsdavid (CA)
-BoBo (CA) (waiting for spinout007?)

IDKFA needs to fill out the form
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