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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
This says way more about you than I'm sure you thought when you typed it out.
I’m not sure how you are sure that I was not sure of what I was saying...

Clearly, though, what I'm saying must be much worse than what others are saying about the people they refuse to offer surrender to, as I don't think I've seen even one minor rebuke of, "Come on dude, seriously? Even the children?"

Anyways, since Oct 1., I believe I have, on video, about 10+ instances of surrender being offered with zero issues that come as a result. Most are accepted; the only surrenders that are not accepted are the "preemptive surrenders" which I offer before going in with paint, so there are no problems with those either.

I'll re-clarify, because people seem to not be able to tell the difference:

Surrenders work.

Surrender as a rule, where either the offering or acceptance of surrender is mandatory has questionable results, especially with noobs.
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