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ICD Promaster + extras

Up for sale is my ICD's either a 2005 or 2006 model (I bought it used in August 2006, but at that point, it only had one case put through it). I've put maybe 10 cases through it at most. Never abused, I always take good care of my gear. It has the typical scratches/scuffs from normal play, but nothing major...the worse is probably a crack across the gauge, but it's not all the way through the plastic.

I'm selling it because in my old age of 25, I've come to re-appreciate the simplicity of mechanical markers...that, and student loans keep me from playing often (and when I do, I can't really afford to sling paint!).

Here's what you get:

ICD Promaster
-She started life as an all-black Promaster, but through some parts-swapping on PBreview, I managed to score red anno parts from another Promaster...that's where the red trigger, eye covers, and ram cap came from.

Also, since I was going for the whole red/black theme, I switched out the stock green LED for an ultrabright red one...I'll include the stock green LED if you want to switch it back.

I took my Dremel to the bolt to slot out the portions that go by the detents (which work great, by the way). I also took a little bit off the top of the bolt, where it was hitting the body.

The elbow/macroline is included...the only thing you'll have to add to this marker to get it running is an ASA (I took the ASA off this marker for my Mag...). They don't come with one stock, so you can choose whichever one you like best!

NDZ red clamping feedneck
MUCH better than the stock feedneck...what can I say, it's a matching red, and it holds your hopper tight and low. Stock feedneck included.

Red Dye Xcel barrel
Just a nice alternative to the stock black barrel, which you will also receive. The Promaster takes Autococker-threaded barrels, so if you wanted to try something new, finding a barrel with the right threads should be pretty easy.

TWO Evil Detonator regulators
That's right, you get TWO Evil Detonators! One is on the gun, and works fine. I recently took it apart to lube it, so it may take some paint through it before it gets consistent again. The second one is for spare of the inner parts is scratched, so I'm not sure how well it functions...but you could always take seals, etc from it in case the main Detonator needs them.

You'll also receive the stock regulator, which has never been shot through.

Miscellaneous items
Instruction manual and wall poster

Breech blocker: this came from a poster on the old PBreview forums...basically, it's a delrin block that you put down the feedneck in front of the allows you to fire/cycle the marker in your room while not disturbing the neighbors! I'm hunting for the thread about it to give you more info about it, stay tuned!

Price: $150 shipped, Paypal.
Location: Fort Worth, TX. Local pick-up welcome, and we'll subtract the shipping costs accordingly. I also visit the Plano area every now and then, if that's closer to you.
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