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Rare Splash Smart Parts Shocker Sport Turbo Paintball Gun, Air Assist, Maxflow

Smart Parts Shoebox Shocker #007879 Rare Acid Wash splash!!
With turbo Board!

No leaks. works fine. Just because of the age of the marker I am going to say is sold as is.. but I will test it again before I ship.

Ask questtions and for more pictures. this gun is very clean. I would prob give it a 8 out of 10

It has some fine scratches here and there but not noticeable. the most scratches are on the rear of the bolt and areas where it has been disassembled the hammer assembly looks a little "chewed up".

$150 you pay shipping
Ask for any additional photos or questions!

It is listed locally as well and reserve the option to end the auction.

The Shocker Sport, although no longer in production now, is a seasoned and proved design which was ahead of its time when invented and has since never been duplicated. It's a fully-electropneumatic paintball marker, meaning there is no sear, hammer, or pin valve. This combined with its unique operation lets the Shocker be one of the quietest markers on the field. It's also closed bolt like an Autococker, which means the bolt is already closed and the ball is already seated when you fire. Specifically, the ball is fired then the bolt slides back to reload another round, and automatically closes a short time afterwards. However, unlike an Autococker, you cannot control how long the bolt remains open while playing. The loading time is electronically-controlled, and allows the marker to virtually never chop a ball unless improperly timed.

The Shocker Sport has since been discontinued as mentioned earlier, however they are easy to find in used condition. In December of 2002 Smart Parts dropped the price for a new-in-box Shocker 4x4 from $700 to $450 (and dropped the $100 for vertical or powerfeed to $50). This sale lasted until December 31, when sales of the Shocker Sport were officially discontinued, and the webpage changed to an ad for the 2003 model (later known as the Shocker SFT). Smart Parts then clearanced all their remaining Sports to retailers (mainly and were sold for $450 for a brief period of time, until the price was dropped to $425, then $400, then $375, and then one final drop to $350. At the time of this writing just about all retailers have completely run dry on 2002 models.

Many players enjoy using the original Shocker because of its unusually tight shot-to-shot accuracy and low recoil; personally I see these as the marker's greatest advantages. Other characteristics include...
14" or 16" All American barrel (depending on year).
Max-Flo regulator, low-pressure operation.
Hammer-less design; produces extremely quiet shots.
Patented dump-chamber design; maximum ROF of 13-bps.
Electronically-controled closed bolt action.
Design employs no external moving parts.
Available in right feed, powerfeed, ot vertical feed body (vertical body includes dual ball detents).
Operates with any tank using an output above 400-psi.
Stock efficiency in the range of 700-900 shots from a 68/4500 HPA tank.
Simplistic design makes maintenance very easy to perform.
Once many upgrades available, including [but not limited to] frames, triggers, foregrips, feed ports, and others.
Marker operates at 150-200 psi.
Capable of operating off CO2, compressed air, or Nitrogen. The marker will perform better than most others on the market while on CO2, due to the operation.
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