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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I did some testing today that can be read here:
Duck Efficiency

Keep in mind my Duck is fixed barrel so I don't have the convenience of a freak kit for it.
Just gotta rub it in......some people

Rich my dux won't cock dry but it would be cool if it did I probably would never stop cocking it. If you hear a pop turn your TPC out just a bit or you are cocking it too hard.

CJ don't get me wrong what you and countless others have said all makes sense I just don't go to all that trouble because I don't have those issues. I actually tried weak front strong valve and it didn't work for me even with my 14in SI barrel. Although I got 47 shots off my Redux I really wholeheartedly only care about one good shot so I usually change after 10-20 shots.

I have however on occassion run my dux dry and been in a world of hurt changing because I didn't pay attention to the "pop" that became a "thud!" I mean hell, I'm saving so much on paint what's a few 12gms between friends. Heck if the weather would corporate and the wife would stop naggin I might be inclined to follow your advise and might possibly squeak out 50+ shots going weak on strong.


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