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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
I recently shipped a CCM s6 to CAD.
Was gonna have it insured for $600. The teller told me that the person receiving would have to pay a hefty fee for that, and so to insure my self that the package actually was properly received, I requested a proof of signature instead, and saved the buyer a load of cash.
the thing is that the customs are requesting the taxes on the declared value of the goods
therefore it would have cost him around 85$ to receive it in my province ( Quebec )
He would need to pay the postman that amount when he comes to do the delivery, in cash... otherwise he can go claim it the next day at the post office...

anything under the 60$ mark will not require the Canadian Postal service to take money for the taxes... so you really have to be cautious about that when you order something from the US and know what the seller wants to do, you can be burnt up pretty bad sometimes because you completely forget about such things...

Americans are quite lucky to have flat rate boxes and no taxes when you order online, we got pricing depending on the weight and we rarely get to skip on those... well not like it's such a bad thing, having roads and not paying for hospitalization is nice, but that's not related to this thread at all...
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