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Anyone tried using multiple mags on these? Probably a bit on the expensive side and , well my method would require modification to each mag.

The idea is to just use the tube part of the mag leaving the feeding port/knob combo on the gun.

I only have one mag but I find it a little quicker to pull the tube off, pull the follower back and poor paint in before putting it back into the feed port.

My idea for multiple mags was to use elastic to hold the paintballs in place and have the tube part of the mag in a standard shotgun belt or similar. You would pull the tube down which would pop the elastic off and insert into the gun feed port.
Sorry its a little hard to describe but this is similar to how I have my homemade ten round tubes set up.
Its kind of like a capless system without the capless harness meaning you can use any old thing to hold the tubes.
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