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Another Factory F/A, Now with a Cyclone

Got my hands on an F/A this week, to the detriment of my winter quarter textbooks I didn't have too much time to play around with it, much less tear it down and clean it up. I did get to gas it up and have some much needed trigger time. It's got quite a leak down barrel until it's cycled, and scared the crap outa me on full auto, it cycled faster than my SMG. I also think the sears need adjusting since when the bolt is foward, it's darn near impossible to cock it. I'm starting this thread so Ive got somewhere to post pics and ask questions during the restoration.

To start this out, what happens if the sear pistons need new fluid? How would i change the fluid out properly, and what kind of fluid would i use? Does it even use fluid, or is it just an air shock? Is the spring oil I saw in the YouTube videos a special oil, or will Hoppies #9 work for lubeing the spring?
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