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Great episode! Seeing Sophia walk out of the barn was a big surprise to me, and watch Shane devolve into full survivor mode is fantastic. Very very well done.

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The fact that Hershel had Sofia the whole time and never told them is gonna come back on him. He let them keep searching for her when he knew she was in the barn. Not good.
I doubt Hershel knew. He said that Otis was the one that rounded up the walkers and stuck them in the barn, and it's not like Hershel had many reasons to check up on who's in there anyways. IMO the only person who could have known would be that woman who fed the chickens to the walkers, and even then I doubt she would have spent much time looking.
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  1. Learn of Zombie infestation. How? Who knows. Probably from the General Chat section off MCB

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