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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
Missing top on/off o-ring (one or two of two).


Upside-down on/off pin.

But for 34 bps, I lean toward the former.
On/Off O-rings are right in place, and my pin is mounted slot-side up; I did it because back in the days I had dropout issues with it mounted right way, which disappered when mounting it upside down ^^

And that leads us to the...
Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Trigger rod adjustment.

As I swapped the grip frame it seems like the sear rod was set longer on the 2 finger frame, and is now too long with the single finger setup.

And these two things (upside-down on/off pin AND longer sear rod) leads to the on/off pin to be pushed more forward, until the pin slot lets the air pass thru the on/off, even with the bolt uncatched by the sear.

So the air is continuously flowing out of the valve, escaping out of the bolt in forward position, and being pushed backwards by the return spring the bolt bounces back forth, helped by the air flow!

To sum up the bolt is just traveling back and forth under the alternative efforts of the air flow and the return spring, meaning that by this solution we certainly found out the physical maximum ROF of the mag.

...Which can be improved by swapping a stiffer return spring, and increasing operating pressure by example.

I will have to test out how consistent that could render with paint, and find out if the velocity differences between single shot (chamber fully charged) and full auto (air flow just going thru) modes

If it worked this could be an alternative to RT mags, but without the ability of ROF variation (but that could still be set to be fixed, by changing return springs and bolts; L7 is heavier meaning more inertia meaning less rof this way), and certainly a bit less efficient ^^
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