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Even though I should have seen it coming, Sophia in the barn, I didn't. I so wanted them to find her alive. In that last minute when the camera shows the shoes shuffling toward the barn doors I said out loud, "Oh, Herschel's dead wife, wait no his step-son, oh crap noooo not the little girl!" Heart wrenching! That means she died alone and scared somewhere in the woods or in an abandoned house.

I thought Herschel was going to tip over from a heart attack right there on the scene. Shane is an asset to the group as an "operator" but he's tearing apart the cohesion and trust which they desperately need as well. Shane's actions were probably correct but acting alone like that in a crazed/angry state will get them all killed eventually. February is a long way away.
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There is a fine line between MCB and the crazy hobos.
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