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[QUOTE=TheYoda;2102866]I find Laurie (Rick's wife?) to be the most irritating character. I keep wishing for her to get eaten.QUOTE]

I agree with you on that one Eric. Laurie needs to get 'offed', or to at least be taken down a notch. Perhaps a threesome with Rick and Shane "High-Fiving" over back.

I really thought that thet'd find Sophia alive. Having that poor little girl, who watched her father abuse her mother, and as the story implies molest her, and then having her get bitten and zombified, is in bad taste. Poor thing.

It did have a staggering effect on the group. It was easy for them to drop zombie after zombie when they were Herschel's neighbors and family and they didn't have any personal relationship with them, but when one of their own comes staggering out of the barn and they all fell on their knees, you could see the change.

I think the red-neck and Sophia's mother are going to hook up now, maybe open up the first post-apocalypitc meth lab. I hope they get Laurie hooked.
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