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Originally Posted by SeuDog View Post
Hey CCM!

Just wanted to send a Happy Thanksgiving out to all of you! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with warm sunshine, swaying coconut trees, cool ocean breezes, good good food, short shorts and bikinis on the beach. . . . (oh wait that would happen if you were in Hawaii)! Enjoy your selves and much gratitude for all you do!


Hawaiian Island Pumpers
Rod looks HOT in a bikini!!

Thank you for the Thanksgiving day wishes, I think it is safe to say the whole CCM family enjoyed a nice few days off with our friends and family and now we’re back ready to hit the gound running. sort of.

Originally Posted by ant View Post
I know I've been effervescing with thanks to CCM over the last few weeks; so this is more for the folks who are as yet undecided. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, CCM's customer service is second to none, the products are first rate and the price is phenomenal, ask youreself honestly, what company will build a marker for you, exactly like you want, bend over backwards to help you pick whats right for you and go out of their way to change a design to conform to your country's wierd a#$e import regulations and do it all making you feel like its no trouble at all, still coming in with more than reasonable price point.
Ant, Thank you very much for the good word, but I have to say the pleasure was all mine. You where a peach to deal with. (even with the lackadaisical customs!) It is great to know that someone a world away from us has our gun and loves it. Thank you for all the support.
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I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players. Its the golden rule.
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