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So, this reg was built to fill a niche in many markets... An adjustable In-line Reg that fit a wide range of tanks,output pressures and applications while using proven Stabilizer parts.

Due to demand I built this reg for applications like;

Internally regulated gas through stocks.
Regulating 12 grams on those super hot days.
Hidden applications
Limited space
Air soft
Regulated Air supply backup

The list can go on and on..

The 12 gram version will hold both 12 grams and 16 grams.

The 16 gram version comes with no bucket and longer threads for the 16 gram.

We also have a Female ASA version, that will get listed in the next few days.

They have a slightly lower ratio since the air is routed though the plunger.. I figure we lost about 1/5 of the ratio compared to standard Stabilizers.

The 3/16 hex adjustment is done via the top.... You must remove the reg off the gun to adjust it..."Sorry that was the only way to make the adjustment reliable". We do have an adapter that will allow testing with large tank so 12 grams are not wasted during setup.

The lance and seal are locked down with a threaded bushing so the seal can 't blow out

Later versions will come with a guage port...

It can be panel mounted if an ASA is used on top of it.

The 12 gram lance can be converted to male 1/8 npt with a micro rock nipple

The heads from the In-line, Direct and Female Stabilizer fit on this unit.

The bucket threads are 14 Tpi Same as a paint ball tank... I opted out of the multi lead thread to combat vibration. Like motorcycles and industrial machines.
Using the same threads as a paint ball tank on the bucket end allows us to attach a wide range of adapters.

We design our regulators to be modular... Heads, tubes, valve bodies.. ect. are interchangeable allowing for a wide range of configurations. What you see now is just the first stage of new line of regulators that will compliment our Stabilizer line.

Thanks !

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