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New PGP Owner, Few Questions

Hey guys, just bought a minty cartridge valved PGP off eBay. It's pristine; almost no wear and looks like it's hardly ever been used. It's my first brass and I've got a couple questions for the local aficionados, if any would care to grace this thread with their knowledge.

1. What is the best aftermarket bolt for the PGP? It's a pre-2k model. I've heard that the Cooper T bolt is pretty spiffy, will it (or a similar aftermarket bolt) help lighten the pump stroke a bit? That's pretty much the first thing I'd like to fix on it, as it stands the pump stroke is jerky as hell. I don't mind jerky, I can handle jerky, but I'd like it to be a bit lighter.

2. From your own experiences, which would you recommend: a speed gate or an extended knob on the feed tube? How about a cram and jam?

3. If anyone owns a lever PGP, how do you like it? Do you find that the pump stroke is a bit too heavy for the lever to be used comfortably? I'm strongly considering having Dan Sergison put one in, but I'd really like to hear from someone who has already done it before I go in on it.

4. Will wedgits be enough to stop rollouts almost entirely? Are there any other options (besides nail polish) I can consider to prevent rollouts?

Any responses are appreciated. I've got a project in mind for this marker, I'll be sure to post pics once it's finished.

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