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Originally Posted by SnowZone View Post
This is just speculation nothing more.

But they have just recently sent out a couple of these prototypes to Greif for testing purposes, and I imagine that they will want to get some on-field feedback before they ramp up production.

I think that it has been stated that they are aiming to bring the price point in in the same neighborhood as their current line-up.

Again, just personal speculation. Individual Results May Vary.
^^ THIS ^^

Companies that just build and sell usually have high failure rates and unhappy customers. So I can only imagine CCM really wants to work out any bugs (lots of new technology in the gun). So it needs thorough testing.

Put that on top of the fact that they're probably still swamped with orders, it's not like they have a ton of time to put into it.

With a little testing that's already going on, and them originally saying next year from the initial release at CPX, I'm thinking they're going to be on and ready before you know it.
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