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.67cal Buwwets!
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i get north of 200 rounds with my 13ci on all of my CCm's, i run it on my 6.5 a lot with reg extenders as well. I also run a 22ci tank, that will get 425+. I would say the 13ci is good for 220-250 shots, but there can be variations depending on the tuning and speeds your shooting at. My 6.5 is untouched out of the box besides a little velocity adjustment and it has never ran out of paint on me with 3 50rnd pods in my 5/50 pack, and 60 rnds in my Locklid equipped Winchester. I dont usually carry more paint than that but i will usually always have some air left when i refill. you can get a good variation depending on the 3k fill, there is some room for variation on a lot of fillstations (valved setups, regulated fullstations are not as bad) and on such a small tank it can create 40 or 50 rounds more or less from one fill to the next.
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