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Talking The Winchester project: Compleat! 55-/+ pics!

Good day all,

Today, I'll be going through the process of how I "re-built" a Winchester rifle that I bought not too long ago. Yes, I know it's not paintball, but theres Walnut and Bronze involved. I would go into much detail as the pictures do most of the talking, but I will add some detail above some pictures. AND HERE WE GO!!!!!>........ (Skip to post #5 for compleated pictures)

Winchester Model 1906, Made in 1935. Missing the front barrel band, rear stock and hammer spring.

With a set a files, drill press and vice, I started on the barrel band......

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So, does anyone else have those moments where you're like "I've been here before..."
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Didn't you post this before?
The Winchester Project

And me feedback.

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