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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Ive been looking to buy one for quite some time now, but have had absolutely no luck reaching anyone at insight. I've emailed a couple times, and called numerous times, not once, by any means did i get i response.

Which is just truly unfortunate for me, because i would also like to buy an ICE Epic. If you have any luck, or information on how to buy one new please let me know!
Heh, I have been trying to get my hands on one for a couple of years now. I first contacted them to see if i can have a custom one made. He seemed interested in doing so and then no communication. After 6 months have passed ive tried once more. All i wanted done was a different anno job. I was willing to pay whatever to have this done. He seems interested once more and again no communication after 2 weeks. Even asked for a bare metal one so i can send it to a anno shop. Nothing once more...

Then I gave up with the idea and just off the shelf one and tried to order one, then nothing. Just 2 weeks ago I tried calling and emailing... again NOTHING.

This kind of saddens me since I really wanted one BAD. But after this experience, NO DEAL. If their customer support is like this before you buy I really hate to see after you own one. But if i can find myself a used DV8-07 in great condition and price I might reconsider.
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