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Originally Posted by randyshipp View Post
Nice writeup! ...
Poop! Sorry I missed your other post Randy! That was a crazy week at work.

I'll get a picture of the front of the hammer, there's not much to it that Marty hasn't described, but you don't find many pictures either. I didn't even bother taking pictures of original 'cockiness' of the hammer and carrier lockup. It was as wompy as an original Nelspot 007 where it rubs the tube in four places; makes you think "really? You want this to move?". After the mods, I didn't see any reason to polish the hammer as it didn't seem to grab anywhere on its own.

The face of the hammer was dimpled a little (maybe 0.020"?) , but that alone probably wasn't the lockup problem. You can see from my locked picture above that there is about 1/16" of overtravel you can have on the carrier. However, a lot of that gets used up by angling the hammer up or down.

I have to wonder if the lock up failure was just that the ram was running out of force by the time it got there. The ball detent, with the way it hit the bolt, would have only messed with it after lock up. The lack of hammer alignment, link friction, and the sear alignment were all pretty severe looking from the wear marks and fit. The link friction was probably just bad because of the other two problems (and maybe the detent dragging). After lining things up, the much lighter superbolt main spring has plenty of force. With the original poor alignment, I can see that the tip of the sear was hitting very close to the front edge of the carrier and maybe not on the ramped area at all.

I think it was Rick's wife that was taking pictures of the game while standing next to the chrony box (with a hyperball tube catch 'drum'). She jumped about a foot on my first shot and then moved behind me. I think the stock barrel adds a lot to the sound. I need to get it out with a selection of barrels just to see. It really looks cool with the stock barrel though.

I actually replaced a couple of the older reg washers also, they looked a little flat and I had bought an extra pair. The four pair thing was odd. It obviously had room for five. Maybe it flowed too high on CO2 with five. If that was the case though, I wish they had documented it or just flipped one of the washers over and left the right number in there at least. If you had lost any washers, it would be lucky/odd that you had lost a pair.

The detent may have just fallen into the groove underneath and become pinched from being too far in. It looks like small problem that could feed on itself and get worse.

The action on the thing now is probably a lot stronger than it needs to be. Rather than putting a smaller ram in it, I think I'll try to find a smaller LPR spring and find a happy medium of speed and power. I'm used to putting my finger carefully in some of my low pressure markers, but this one is too much. If the whole action had been more precise originally, I think the pneumatics could have been much lighter. I think I've seen a timmy frame on one (Hurtcow?). They may not be able to go much faster, but certainly smoother and with less self destruction.

I'll let you know if it goes anywhere. I still need to chase some more aggsters with it.


^^^ check! on the aggsters last weekend.

Here's the hammer face. It turned out to be a hair loose anyway. I never loctite'd it. When I cut it, I ran it in the lathe in reverse, so that it would tighten as I cut. That wasn't quite enough. For the record, there's about four threads left on the end of the old carrier pin there.

I got the LPR re-sprung to about 65 psi. It feels a good bit softer and still seems to cycle well. It doesn't seem like it would stop on paint, but maybe on some stiff field paint. My white delrin poppet has a hair leak at the lower pressure that I have been using on the longer and tighter barrel. I ordered some softer teflon blended delrin that should help that.


The brown bearing delrin helped, but I still had to seat it at a higher pressure for a few hours before it killed the leak at my lower operating pressure. Now I'm just down to finding the best barrel setup and macro line routing (it's crowding a left-hand switch).
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