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Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
Lol ill get some photos tomorrow, all i have is ****ty photos from an ipod. I have to wake up in five hours for biathalon (Skiing and shooting if ya didnt know )

Basically the 1906 and 1890 are the same. Small differences.
First or all - Very cool! The Biathalon run is, next to Curling, my favorite olympic sport. Good for you man!

Second -

*GASP* I think not good sir! Wile the actions of both rifles were the same later on in production, the 1890 was much more elegant. The 1890 underwent several changes since it first entered the Winchester line in 1890. But throughout the 42 years it was made, a 24" Tapered octagon barrel, Walnut stocks and crescent buttplate was a standard. The first model was a solid frame where in two halfs of the action were pined together and the bolt did not show from the side of the action........

....... later on, the takedown and new style bolt was made......

This was mine, once apon a time. Very sadly missed.........

I'm a bit passionate about these kinda things, wouldn't ya say?


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