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Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
A picatinny rail would be nice. As for the stock, I'd rather have a standard asa machined into the block. Then you could just screw a tank right into it and use it for a stock.
I thought about asking for that too but with the rear screw that attaches the back block to the launcher I wasnt sure if that was a possibility. I wanted to keep the block on the smaller side too. I may just get an Air-thru/Tank stock thing for the A5 back block.

Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
Awesome! When 4G010H3R0 first asked about having it done, I was very interested in seeing where this went. Bravo!

Do the two button head screws on top serve a specific purpose? Weaver makes plenty of short rails that, by appearance, would bolt right up there. Slap on a cantilever scope ring and you are in business.
I asked O'lane to put two screws on top so when I add a rail to the top of my havoc it will have a few spots to secure it to the launcher and the new block. I had a small rail I drilled to fit the platform and added an Acog just for giggles.
Currently Looking for a new rail to fit from the breech break all the way to the end of the new block. Wanna fit a M203 flip up sight along with a small red dot on there if possible

Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
That would be nice. Anodizing it black to match the Havoc would be good too.
Im gonna get that done at the shop here in just a bit. I wasnt sure if O'lane could do that so I never asked.
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