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Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Rick didn't modify the linkage of mine at all when he did it, he just made a new cocking rod that threaded into where the old rod went. It attaches to one of rick's plates that connect to the brass thumbscrew sticking out the back of the bolt.
Thanks IC, that answers mt question. I'd like to see if he does the same thing with Lechooch's.

How was the throw in comparison to other levers? Granted the teiseuman (sp?) might have variation in construction/specs.

Originally Posted by russc View Post
They don't really work as pistols, I find they work best when you hold them the same way you'd hold a full stock. Out away from your body. Since the stock is imaginary, you don't have cheekweld mask issues!
I agree with the no cheek issues. I can't shoot a pirate stock stable enough to use one. So I tend to shoot from the hip with those.
Originally Posted by russc View Post
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