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Originally Posted by C_losjoker View Post

don't know if you have done this, did not read all 75 pages. but would you be able to take a twist lock mag barrel cut it down to size and thread the end for cocker thread. basically making it into a barrel adapter?

also asked on.this while back not sure if answer has changed since. how about.taking same twist lock barrel, bore it for freak, then thread it for cocker.
yes to all.

i have made a mag/cocker adapter. i used an old crappy 1" OD stock mag barrel, cut it 1.30" and then bored and threaded it. it works great.

i can bore the adapter for inserts, but if i bored it out, the barrel that gets bored, would have to match ie 1" bore in the adapter, 4.063" bore in the barrel. that would make that barrel ONLY compatable with that adapter
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