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Dundadun's Dukie Lever Gun + Wood and Brass

Dundadun's DLG Before:

After I did a little work on it:
It holds 11 +1 in the chamber, feeds all but 1 ball.
Internal check valve and devolumized chamber with baffles to help vaporize the liquid CO2.
30 shots from a 12 gram. (set to 280 fps @ 70 degrees) with no pressure retained by the check valve behind the pierce pin.
Trigger is one piece Stainless Steel from a PTP Automag frame.
Rear grip started life as a walnut AR-15 grip. Front grip is a custom one piece walnut.

.678" I.D. brass barrel stock from TyMcneer,black delrin 1" outer sleeve and brass front bead sight.

Spring follower is retained by a brass sleeve

Mag to barrel clamp started out as a solid block.
It is the loading "funnel", secures the outer magazine tube to the barrel and retains the inner spring/plunger tube via an internal groove that catches the O-ring on the knurled front plug.

Stock bolt has a small port.

I replaced the tail of the bolt with some thinwall brass tube.

Liquid baffle/devolumizer

baffle installed

The washer under the valve spring was too large to fit in the smaller chamber and
The spring was wobbly on the valve so it gets a brass "tophat"

Removing and installing the valve is a lot easier now.

A ball bearing and a spring behind the pierce pin serves as an internal check valve.
This captures the chamber pressure during 12 gram changes giving you an extra shot or two per 12 gram.
It reduces the amout of CO2 released at the pierce pin during 12 gram changes , fewer seal blowouts.
It reduces the flow of liquid CO2 into the valve chamber when the gun is carried with the muzzle pointing down.

The unthreaded tip of the pin is faced off and countersunk slightly to accept the ball.

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