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Barrel Boring Question. Please Vote!

Plain and simple, should i start putting oring groove(s) in the barrels i bore.

This way the inserts have a more snug fit, without ever being too big or too small (tight/wobble)

I would have to invest in tooling (pricey)
I would have to buy a TON of orings (not too bad, but an expense)
I would have to test it out a few times, risk scrappng barrels/material (time/cost)


Do you guys want me to start?

Im estimating a price increase of
$5 for 1 groove, with #018 oring
$7.50 for 2 grooves, with #018 orings (what DW uses)

This is gonna slow me down if i have to look into it
This will only be available for some of the barrels i do (UL, Kaner, Bigger OD'd barrels)

Wont work on phantoms, tpx, t8 or any other .875" OD Barrel


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