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4markers, 3masks, 2loaders, 2tanks, + much more

I will be shipping this gear when I get home from college starting, 12/19/2011. So if you b/s/t with me there will be a slight waiting time.
My marker comes as described and as pictured. Yours should too. Scratches, etc. don't bother me as long as I'm aware of them before hand.
All trades welcome, I will not ignore any offer. I'm a nice guy.
We will start with a mega picture! Showing all the freakin gear I have on the chopping block.

Marker: Dynasty Sft
Condition: 7.5/10 visible scratches/ wear, nothing extreme. Normal for shockers.
Upgrades: 1) Sprung Evolve Gold bolt kit with ULP can (sells for about $80-$100 alone), 2) virtue board, 3) 14' dye ul, 4) New designs rail/ cp asa, Green SPD panel grips, 5) ccm low rise feedneck.
Asking Price: $300 obo...
What is Included: some o-rings, little parts, and everything listed.

Updated pics-

Marker: dragon intimidator with both 2k2 and 2k5 parts! Currently setup as a 2k5.
Condition: 9/10, absolutely no breech wear!, wings have little anno loss, and a few speckle spots but they are hardly noticeable. Good luck finding a dragon with original anodizing in this condition!
Upgrades: 1) 2k5 frontblock, 2) cp trigger?, 3) AKA scm-III lpr, 4)shocktech bolt, invert low rise feedneck, highflow barbs/ hose, cp rail/asa combo, Bl adjustable backcap, 2k5 frame, frenzy board, all 2k2 parts!!! frame, frontblock, bolt, feedneck, chrome torpedo, etc.
Known Problems: Needs 1 high flow barb and its blind. Crankwalk on IOG has these in stock for less than $20 shipped.
Asking Price: $450 for everything. all 2k2 parts and the 2k5 parts currently on it.
What is Included: ^^^

(currently has BL grips, not panel)-

Now for the other gear-
rotor w/ speedfeed- gone
camo reloaderb- $50
lnib clear/ black Jt proteus- $55
yellow framed flex7 w/ purple frames also- $55
Profilers with two lenses and straps- Gone
ninja tank w/ exalt cover- $135
pure energy 45/45 w/ dye rhino cover (needs hydro, reg has ding on it)- $55
xl chronic pants- $50
sly pro-merc pack lnib- $45
phantom rsc dropout changer- $20
phantom center feed breech- $20
gloss red fep quest regulator- $20
dye gun case- $30

Everything in the sale is pictured on pages 1-3 :tup: ,

WANTS- marker trades, 141's 241's, 341's! markers with $, Private labeled is a plus, Highends please, no pumps unless its CCM, brass or wood. Will look at PL shockers, intimidators and DM's, all egos, pm8, geo2, anything Macdev, OG matrixes, DM12, Luxes, AKA, AGD, Rogue, HK legend, marq victories or any marq. Will look at all paintball clothing as well. Just bring anything :tup:

DON'T WANTS- junk, non- paintball stuff, Tippmanns, low-ends, spyders, dangerous power markers (unless your adding good cash or its the prototype revi).

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