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Now I'm done...I just can't leave my stuff alone

Urban camo TiPX

1. *Super Stanchy TPX bored barrel for Freak kit.
2. *Super Stanchy TPX turned bolt for Freak kit.
3. *Added screw for CO2 release.
4. *Hi Res paint for front & rear sights (redone with drilled dots instead, 03/19/13).
5. *Custom stripped, polished, and milled barrel shroud.
6. *Dremel chopped off lanyard loop, rounded trigger guard, and rounded front rail to avoid any future holster snags (ground off finger grooves and bottom rail - 03/19/13).
7. *Tippmann jewel replaced after painting.
8. TechT Spring kit
9. Extended brass screw for easier MAG release

10. Kila Magnetic AC ball detent installed
11. Stippled grip and plasti-dipped
12. filled in the useless sight windows on the sides.

Stormtrooper Camo TiPX.
Notice my bloody finger prints on the grip and Empire logo on the right side.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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