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viking help?

hey all,

i just got a sweet DC viking, something i've wanted since seeing himurax13's stormtrooper vik several years back.

but it won't shoot. i'm guessing it's me...

WAS board, eyes, etc...
i air it up, turn it on (orange light), pull the trigger (green light), but all the bolt does is twitch back and forth.
if i do get a shot off it just goes back to twitching and def not working the way it should.

when i add paint, the bolt does basically the same thing, but if i do get a shot off it either goes 12 feet or chops and makes a mess.

just a side note that might help, i just got this back from jared at DC and he tuned it to perfection and shot a halo off...
so i'm guessing it's me...

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