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MCB Cold Arsed game 2012 Saturday Feb 4th

No one seems to have bothered this year so the beltway gang have taken it upon themselves to organise another MCB cold Arsed game, hopefully with a little more weather luck this time.

After playing at wannaplay for the last 5 years we felt it was time for a new venue to get the old excitement back into the game.

2012 Saturday February 4th CAG will be played at Robinhood paintball near Aberdeen,MD.

Games start at 9am and run till 5pm (in the dark???) I will double check those hours for winter times.

Its a short hop and a skip from Wannaplay but more importantly very close to I95 about 30 miles north of Baltimore and just south of the Susquehanna river.

The field is BYOP always a nice feature for this gathering as a great opportunity to shot of the old paint from previous games.
Game fee is $20 which includes all day air. paint runs at $40 per case

Robin Hood paintball website

Better yet we can get a private group and not worry about any muppets interfering with our ultra fast paced game scheduling

Post up if you plan on attending, the field has varied playing areas including several woods areas hyper pipe and spool field. The parking area is a concrete lot which should make access fairly easy. There are also places nearby to eat at afterwards, I shall investigate to find one that sells the much needed beers.
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