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Originally Posted by MACK-ATTACK View Post
ive been out of the loop for a while. cooper t bolt? just an aftermarket bolt? or is there quality's that make it gross?

and its a pgp2k1 wouldn't do they make fast changers for those? i thought it was only for the original ones you had to turn like 30 times LOL
Cooper T bolt is an aftermarket bolt. It must be magical or something, but for all my PGPs that I've had, I've had better velocity with it. The PGP2k1 bolt is fine, but the cooper t shoots unicorns.

The PGP2k1 has the improved 12 gram changer, but I'm sure there's a fast changer or at least extended knob for it. It's easier to grab more and quick change it with more leverage on the changer.

Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
It has a fast changer and the bolt is already like a cooper-t. Performance and wedgits, if you are handy with a drill or drill press then it is actually not that hard to do the tuning yourself.
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