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Fan of EMR
-AKA (rare) cocking rod ($10)
-WGP Blackmagic cocking rod (black) ($8)
-CCM J2 cocking rod (black) ($7 Each)
-CCM J2 cocking rod (silver) ($7)
-Stock cocking rod ($5)

-Freeflow Nylatron bolt (p-block freeflow style length) w/ pin (V2) ($35 Each)
-SLIK 2k+ bolt (.5oz, stock bolt 1.6oz) ($25)
-CCM S-5 airflow adjustable white delrin bolt (2k+) w/ shocktech pin($25)
-AKA Lightning bolt w/ SS Pullpin (evolution length) ($30)

-PE Nexus Ram (gloss black) ($35)

-Pnuematic hosing securing fittings (slide on) ($2 for 6)

Pm inbound on the list above!

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