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Originally Posted by BlackBeard View Post
Yeah that was the only place I could find...I haven't been yet, but was considering the pump night....but why Tuesdays??
I think it more of a test run to see how it would go. Doing pump day on a weekend would probably be a bad idea for a business owner. I am sure they like those guys in clown pants that shoot a case of paint at giant balloons in 5 minutes is more of an money maker for them. I don't blame them either. They have to put food on the table like the rest of us. I'm not sure if they are even doing it still? I'll ask a few of they guys if they are.

Originally Posted by WilD View Post

Is this place the same guys who used to operate out of the mall in Livonia? I went to a pump day there some years ago and met up with a bunch of people from MCB and SCP and it was actually a lot of fun, balloon bunkers or no. Indoor was slippery as heck though (the floor was sopping wet with paint).

Yep same guys just a different location and still slippery!!!

And as for you Wild were you been all last year. Hell Survivors has pump day every first Sunday of the month. You cant tell me you couldn't make it to one of those.

You need to come this year good times last year usually 15 to 25 show up. There is alot of MCB that show up. Let see just off the top of my head.


We also had special guest from Ohio funsi00 and senghing27 showed up one week. So clean that pump up (I mean pumps) and get ready for this spring.
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Got stripped. Was just the old stripper couldn't cut it anymore and needed to retire.
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