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Is it because you tag it with the hd part at the end of the link and the ipad doesn't play at that resolution?... I know some handheld devices won't play stuff that is linked in HD (like the kindle fire it only plays standard def).

Try posting just the link plain without the hd tags and see if that works? Or just the link by itself.

Can you play any of these?

Here is the basic link to the youtube file.
Game 4 TOD 12.31.11 Woodsball at Private Outlaw Field Contour Roam HD Paintball - YouTube

this is the youtube without the HD tags.

And the youtube with the HD tags.

That is my newest video game 4, but the HD hasn't processed yet, so give it some time for the HD version.

You guys need bunkers... I'm so skinny, I can hide behind a 1 inch tree! lol at 3:50... Pretty good bunker for a 200 pound guy!

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