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Originally Posted by VooDoo_Coatings View Post
Yes it is only available in black. The dry film lubricant is usually applied to internal parts where the appearance is not a issue. The black you see is actually just a dye that is added so that the applicator can see where he has applied the coating. The actual dry film lubricant is clear and chemically bonds with the metal itself. You can burnish off the black dye and the dry film lubricant will be unaffected. The only way to remove the dry film lube is to mechanically remove the surface of the metal. For things like pump arms, guide rods, springs, Ect that you can see, you could just go with the standard Cerakote finish. While the standard Cerakote finish does not have the same lubricating properties as the Dry Film Lubricant it is self lubricating and preforms very well.
So is it possible to get the dry film lubricant done in clear then, or do you offer the burnishing service to remove the black.

I saw this splatter that you did on an Automag, can you do other effects. Such as a splash, fade, larger splotches, etc.

I will be sending you a PM for a quote.

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