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I think it makes things a whole lot easier if itís 3man. It is much easier to find two teammates instead of four (and its less people you have to depend on showing up). If a team is travelling from far away they can take one car instead of two. For those coming from way out of town and need a floor to crash on, it is easier to find someone who is willing to put up 3 people than someone willing to put up 5.

Things to bring up in the meeting:
How about giving the pump crowd actual tables instead of the old wooden spools.

Making the wait time shorter between games (there was one point last tournament where me and my team waited for almost 2 hours between games). I know this isnít 100% their fault, but itís something that needs to be fixed.

More chronographs at the start of the day. Itís a pain when there are 30+ people in the chrono area and only on chronograph).
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