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Originally Posted by ihatewipers View Post
i think 3 man is def the way to go for now. I would LOVE too see at least ONE team from every state in New England! that would be AWESOME!!! My only real issue is that i would really like to see some kind of prizes for the pump division... even if it is small, the winning team should get something? and yea some legit tables would be nice too lol
lol prizes for pumpers is a weird thing. Like thing of a normal tournament second place is rotors....WTF am i gonna do with a rotor? I think a sweet prize would be......

1st free admission/case of paint to the next event
2nd Free case of at the next event
3rd Some sweet super stanchy longsleeves

Im just happy to get the chance to compete. I see pump events like PP and anything i take part is as like a chance too see my extended family. I'd def be down to pay 25 or 50 bucks more a team to get some type of prizes
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