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Ryan's collection liquidation sale - Jackal, works, dragon timmy, dye matrix, more

Im tired of having so many guns that sit around so i want to get these guns into some nice homes that will actually use them. I am not quitting paintball so trades are more than welcome as well as cash to finish up my other projects.All prices are shipped, paypaled, and OBO. Trades of interested are posted at the bottom of the thread and i can add if needed or do a 2-4-1

the gun comes as pictured unless stated otherwise (the deadlywinds barrel is not for sale in any of my pictures!!!!) Some of the pictures are not very good and i will get new ones up on monday so if you are interested in a gun but want better pics then let me know and i will put you first in line of potential buyers. Now lets go.

I dont have to sell the jackal so I will only let it go for the right price or offer

1. Jackal RDL cocker - Keeping for now

freshly anodized
eclipse hinge frame
bob long cam drive
aka sidewinder reg
shocktech lpr
shocktech bomb 3-way
shocktech ram
shocktech rat valve
shocktech phat hammer
cp rail
freak barrel with AA front (no insert unless you want me to buy one from my local shop which will cost you extra)
I will be getting a jackal bolt once they are machines but it currently does not come with a bolt

2. Bob Long 2k5'd dragon Timmy - $295 OBO

beautiful 9.2/10
comes exactly as pictured
the asa leaks but I'm sure i can fix it if i tried.
I will also include a duckbill if you want
comes exactly as you have seen
bob long assassin barrel included

Works autococker - GONE

this gun is 100% original inside and out except for the asa
it does have some hairline scratches on it but they are hard to see from a foot or 2 away
works great and it is very light

Gen-e / Dye Matrix - $150 OBO (better pics to come)

6/10 condition
the DAC has been remove and i polished the raw spot to make it look better
bob long torpedo reg
this is the smoothest shooting gun that i have!
just the gun included

I also have a pair of Jt flex's with lime green frames and smoke lenses for $40 OBO


other cockers (mech or eclectic only)
bob long g6r
dye nt 10 or 11
ego 08 or newer
geo + or newer
bob long closer, rapper, marq7, or 6
bob long victory
macdev clone or droid
rare/old/cool stuff
offer others
Jackal RDL, Works autocoker, Dragon Timmy, Dye dm3 F/S/T

WTB Eclipse F1 cocker or any undrilled eclipse bodies

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