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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
I like that quote! It really hits the home of the issue we've all been dealing with the past three years or so - we are rebuilding. I think most of the issues voiced so far, minus prizes, have been just general NEPL issues. I've had some really long waits while playing 7 man, they always only have those two chronographs, staging can get tight especially when people start getting "creative" with their assigned space. Hopefully we can find something that works for everyone.

PS, any fun tournaments coming up at Cousins, pump or otherwise? (Assuming you're from the New York one, not the Virginia one).
Im working on Organizing a pump day once a month at one of our fields. Ive offered our New windsor location which borders conn for gravity league. Alot of our upper management is down without community. We call Saturdays at our field "slow gun saturdays" and we all eithher shoot pumps or cockers.

On a more relevant note tho.....Im sure most of this will get panned out at the league meeting coming up.
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