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RARE Purple Chameleon Frames $80

RARE Green Chameleon Frames with yellow fade lens $90 Pending to Tiny

Pink ESP frames and bottoms with large soft ears and KM stipper strap(no lens) $55

Peach Dyed HB frames, Purple ESP bottoms, soft ears and Lime Sandana strap(no lens) $70

Blue Bandana Frames, purple ESP bottoms, large trimmed soft ears and pinstipe strap(no lens) $60

Clear Proteus Bottoms $30

Green Chameleon Proteus Bottoms $35

Purple Chameleon Proteus Bottoms $35

LE Orange Frames Orange/blue racing strap, smoke fade lens new soft ears $old to Paintballer Q

LE sky blue frames, blue ESP bottoms, Lime sandana strap soft ears and smoke lens $70

Rage frames, LE grey Bottoms, Revo 2.0 ears, Revo strap, Death to traitors strap clear lens $100

Baby Blue HB Frame. Brand new Black Bottoms, Revo 2.0 ears, Contract killers strap, New style JT 4 line strap, smoke lens $150

OG black Frames, Black bottoms Brand new psycho and tribal strap. Brand new soft ears, smoke fade lens $old

Empire Eflex with ninja lens(one of the ears is starting to pull apart) $70

Empire Jersey XL $15

Angel Grey Jersey XL $15

Proto Jersey Lrg $15

Angel Acam jersey Lrg $15

Angel Jersey Red XL $15

NXE 4+5 pack $20

Angel Aribus 3+4 pack(made by nxe) $20

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